Ph.D. candidate in medical science, using bioinformatics to better understand COPD.

I am a data-intensive medical science Ph.D. candidate at UTS, RUG and UMCG specializing in the genetics and epigenetics of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) with a keen interest in using bioinformatics and machine learning. My research is focussed on applying modelling techniques to better understand the impact of (epi)genetics of COPD patients on their disease severity. Additionally, I look at how corticosteroid treatment impacts the epigenetics of COPD patients and their response.

Part of my role at university is being a teaching assistant for the human genetics and precision medicine course, starting in the first semester of 2023. In this course, I will help students during bioinformatics workshops. Outside of university, I help advance people in their programming skills. I love photography and videography, running, motorcycles and traveling.